翻訳  Japanese – English – Danish 013 (640x640)

Consultants as Japanese Culture, Art work, Technical visit in both Japan and Denmark, Language teaching, write and translate name with Japanese with Calligraphy or computer writing work.

Have taught in Japanese language to

  • Novo Nordisk A/S
  • Microsoft A/S
  • Individual persons through director Susanne Saltzsten at Teach Train school.
  • SAS through Topic firm
  • Louise Poulsen Lighting A/S012 (640x640)
  • Hillerød, Gentofte, Copenhagen and Brøndsby municipal schools
  • Japanese language as elective subject at Gentofte municipal school

Art Teaching

  • Post Modern Academy
  • KKA (Copenhagen Municiapl Evening School)
  • GDA (Gentofte Day Evening School)
  • VPC  (Adult Educational Center)
  • AOF
  • HOF
  • FOF
  • Art organization
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